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Margie 03/10/2012 04:34:14
A wonderful job. Super helpful informatoin.

Don Browne 02/10/2012 14:44:29
Thanks for putting up the Magic Eye information. It's fund and relaxing to see the 3D pictures and your site will encourage others to enjoy this.

Rakesh 01/10/2012 11:52:52
Good to see a taelnt at work. I can't match that.

Mostafa 01/10/2012 00:22:49
Heckuva good job. I sure apperciate it.

Yogesh 30/09/2012 21:33:47
Thanks for helping me to see thigns in a different light.

Ricardo 30/09/2012 08:13:47
The first time I got to see a magic eye picture, I got scared, it was a human face and seeing it was so cool, like if the face was coming out of the paper. I love magic eye pictures, they are grat!

AISHATH RIZNA 25/09/2012 09:43:54
you images are awesome !! i love it Good luck in you future :)

Rohit 30/08/2012 10:48:50
All images are very good. I am very impress. How self picture are saw in images

Jerry 25/08/2012 21:21:02
All good images, thanks Some under water scenes would look great.

rapzy 19/08/2012 07:15:18
I love it. I am a beginner. Can I have pictures for beginners with answers so that I can train my eyes to see some complicated magic eye pictures... Love to learn how to do my own with hidden meanings of course...

Joe 04/08/2012 20:28:05
Cool! I want to learn to make these images.

Allan 29/07/2012 13:02:25
amazingly very-talented

Dr.S.Goverdhan 17/07/2012 12:51:48
Dr.S.Goverdhan, Nalgonda, AP,India, I am very much impressed. I am crazy at this. We really wander in an imaginary world. When I see at these pictures deeply for some time, I feel that I am in other world like heaven. Thanx a lot.

Heidi 17/07/2012 02:11:40
love the pictures! I am looking for a particular picture a 3D magic eye of the invisible man as a bartender mixing drinks and there is a window behind him with a tree and a bird in it if you can help me find it that would be awesome! Thank you for making wonderful pictures I am enjoying all of them! :-)

Dirty frank 04/07/2012 20:33:31
Thanks for the images. I once was blind but now I see 3D and I like it.

Giselle Gil 19/06/2012 20:07:26
Thanks a lot for the images. I use them in a training program for adults over 65 years old. They love them.

yuyi 31/05/2012 04:10:51
Thank you for the interesting website. I always enjoy the moment when I can reveal the real picture inside 3D pictures.. Send me more new pictures please. It's really extraordinary !

ZoeB 23/05/2012 04:04:39
Wonderful selection of pictures! I really appreciate the colors don't take over and confuse the image. Thank you, ZoeB

turna33 22/04/2012 04:56:04
it's amazing

Jasmine Begum 19/04/2012 11:10:07
Its very very interesting...I like it!

arturo 13/04/2012 14:03:57
thanks this are awesome pictures i love them!!!

aum3d 12/04/2012 20:22:37
just visit aum3d website for ultimate stereogram

Susan Tarlip 11/04/2012 20:52:38
Thanks so much. My son uses for eye therapy! Kind regards.

Susan Tarlip 11/04/2012 20:45:43
Hi, Thanks for being free. You have free pictures that (are) typo. Peace and thanks again.

deen dayal goyal 06/04/2012 14:45:46
i like 3d image

Lilik HB 05/04/2012 09:10:48
hallo...3d pictures ..Lovers

SKYLINEDRIVE 04/04/2012 22:29:52

muhamad 26/03/2012 04:48:27
I like 3D so much

Alex Tomp 25/03/2012 21:44:29
Hii I love macic eye

mydesibazaar 19/03/2012 02:23:51
please send me full detaal whih price list and size

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