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Bren 19/11/2009 16:41:56
Thank you for rekindling my enjoyment in these wonderful pictures. I am showing my second grade class about hoe to find these hidden treasures. Thanks Bren

Kaytlen 14/11/2009 20:49:13
It took me awhile before I got the hang of it... eventually I could see all the pictures in less than 10 seconds! Sometimes I just can't tell what they are, but I can see a picture pop up. I haven't done these in a long time, so it was nice to give 'em a go once more!

mamarao 06/11/2009 22:10:07
Excellent and very nice, new concept and technique, keep up the good work. will recommend it to friends for viewing.

Leslie Moffat 22/10/2009 01:32:45
Brilliant stuff, great pics all of them!!!

julie 16/10/2009 22:06:25
love them all

Hetha 14/10/2009 12:48:59
Hi. I have problems viewing 3-D pictures! But if I am very tired I can see them!!

Susanne 13/10/2009 09:20:13
I have two books of magic eye and finding out its now available via the internet is fantastic...I can see the pictures too I thort the screen would make it hard for me to see them...once I saw the first one the others are almost instantly seen

stacey :) 08/10/2009 01:28:27
i really cant do itt!! tried so hard but cnt get to grips with it lol!! wana do it pleasee helpp lol x

tash 05/10/2009 23:07:07
i didnt see nothing :(

anthony 04/10/2009 21:15:04
I love these things! I saw all of them and my FAVORITE was thdragon or monster or whatever it was.

Suhrich05 04/10/2009 21:03:49
Very awesome. My grandma has one framed on her wall and even though I have seen it a hundred times or more, I just can't resist to see it one more time. Thank you for allowing us to view these they are awesome. Please put some more up.

Leroycaryl 04/10/2009 06:16:51
Very very awesome I remember the Disney ones in the 90's too cool but after awhile I tend to get a headache

lisa minuti 04/10/2009 05:22:58
i remember these prints selling in the 90's. my favorite ones were the sunkin ship and sea life

redhedlil 03/10/2009 07:08:15
I love these things.. They are super awesome to see.

jason r 03/10/2009 00:05:23
superb pictures, thankyou , they kept me entertained for hours. send some more, im hungry for more. cheers.

Jess 01/10/2009 00:13:54
These are awsome

Sam 30/09/2009 08:12:31
Nice & thanks

misbehavin' 29/09/2009 23:16:23
i do good in this field!! really love it!! i want some more...

marissa122 28/09/2009 23:22:01
i relly like your books!

bekkijay 28/09/2009 22:52:17
i used to be able to do these in a few seconds but cant do it now as quick think ill be using a lot of paper tommorow to print them out hahaha

derek jackson 26/09/2009 00:41:34
the most fun ive had in a long time. laughing at all those who thought i was making the objects up . brilliant stuff lets av more

loopylou1898 25/09/2009 22:52:48
Have NEVER been able to see 3D pictures which, i'm told is due to a squint. Tried again and still can't see it but am told they're amazingly brilliant

miranda 25/09/2009 21:36:50
just wondering wat this is!!

bev 25/09/2009 16:12:45
I can feel my brain actually click when the 3d image comes into view. It's very addictive and fun switching between the flat and projected pictures. Highly recommended.

mark 25/09/2009 10:39:38
excelent i really enjoyed the pictures only takes a second and they appear can you please e mail me more thanks

pari 23/09/2009 04:53:44
beautiful...indeed. Thank u for the collection..

janka232 22/09/2009 00:01:08
very nice pictures

janice spring 03/09/2009 04:56:22
i love magic eye

goody 14/08/2009 14:37:47
very good. excellent work.

It's really good idea that I was searching for. Thanks for sharing 12/08/2009 11:32:58
It's really good idea that I was searching for. Thanks for sharing

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